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Out of the Box Marketing

Carol Ritter

Grow Ur Biz



Learn how to unlock the creativity in your community, kick your competition to the curb and strategically position yourself as #1. Learn where to find “free” marketing, how to turn your relationships into marketing machines. Leave with Carol’s proven marketing systems that have taken her clients from average to award-winning businesses. Attendees will leave with Carol’s custom-designed,Smash the Box Marketing Wheel, which can be applied to your business.

Carol is an accomplished award winning Professional Speaker, Fundraising Strategist, Results Only Executive Coach, Social Media Quarterback, Featured Writer and Small Biz and Non-profit Advisor.

Carol co-founded Caroltalks.com in 1994 and has shared her message with over 1/2 million educational, non-profit, and small business leaders nationwide. Her innovative strategies provide company leadership with bullet-proof ideas for growing, enhancing and strengthening their businesses.

Carol’s philosophy is simple; she’s all about you, whether it’s captivating an audience of 600 business leaders or a one-on-one coaching client. Her delivery is energetic, content-rich and packed full of ideas to maximize you and your business’s potential. Her most popular speeches include Smash the Box Marketing and Extreme Customer Service.

Presently, she is the Immediate Past Board Chair for St. Lukes Hospital Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice. Carol is the Past President of the National Speakers Association Philadelphia. In 2011-12 NSA selected her as Pennsylvania’s Speaker of the Year and awarded Carol Most LIkely to Succeed in the Speaking Business award. In April 2015, she was named A GOOD SCOUT by the Boy Scouts of America.

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The Truth About Marketing

William Childs

Director of Marketing & Communications

Trifecta Technologies

Mediocrity is not Bill Childs’ friend. He refuses to be pals with “good enough.” Will never be besties with “just O.K.” And “phoning it in” is not part of his #squadlife. As a marketer and a creative, Bill believes in pushing projects as far as they can go – then pushing it a little more. He’s also someone who believes that good is the enemy of great.

He is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Trifecta Technologies, where he’s responsible for leading the marketing team as they develop, coordinate, and implement marketing strategies and content for the Trifecta brand.

Prior to that he was the Creative Director for The Media Arts Group at The Morning Call in Allentown, PA. Prior to re-joining the The Morning Call in 2007, he was Creative Director, V.P. at RM2/Forge Marketing Communications, a full service marketing and advertising firm also based in Allentown for six years.

Childs spent 2 years as an Art Director for Adams Outdoor Advertising and 10 years previously as a graphic designer at The Morning Call. His entire 32-year career has been focused on creative design and strategic messaging for a multitude of clients that include Coca-Cola, Coors-Light, Cars.com, Coachmen, Miller-Lite, Yuengling and Takamine Guitars.

Presently, Childs is enjoying his role as the President of the AAF/Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club, District 2. In addition, he lectures on creativity, marketing and design at colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania and the tri-state region.

He currently resides in Allentown with his wife and three children.

1:45 pm

The Future of Digital Marketing

CJ Bachman

Vice President

1SEO.com Digital Agency


CJ Bachmann is the Vice President of Operations at 1SEO.com Digital Agency, a leading internet marketing firm in the greater Philadelphia area. Bachmann productively educates others on the importance of a strong digital campaign, social media presence, website engagement, and best practices for your marketing campaign to expand its reach.

She is goal oriented, willing and able to teach others strong tactics, strategies, and lessons on how to achieve success. There is no audience that Bachmann can’t speak to, and her ability to leave a conference room or auditorium knowing that attendees have gained a strong understanding of a trending topic is what maintains her inspiration for training and education.

A strong background in sales and marketing, she has made the internet and digital realm home. Her vast knowledge of online best practices has assisted many businesses in their efforts to gain clients and customers through their website. CJ has overseen every position at 1SEO.com Digital Agency and has accumulated a wealth of information that can be shared for the benefit of all individuals.

She has spoken on behalf of 1SEO at numerous engagements to educate others, including CareerLinks and Philadelphia Public Housing Authority.

A true go-getter, Bachmann takes pride in tackling various challenges, generating positive outcomes. Her biggest attribute is her ability to create relationships. Bachmann will always be available to answer any questions or concerns, and is very approachable through email and phone conversations. CJ will keep you on your toes as she shares valuable marketing information in a clear and concise manner.

2:30 pm

Targeting Your Audience

Expert Panel

Via Media (Michelle Guenot)

Lehigh Valley Live/Express Times(Anthony Giampietro)

Adams Outdoor (Jill Wheeler)

Raven Direct (Bill Raven)



Manager, Viamedia Online Services Group

Michelle is a skilled Sales and Marketing Professional with 16 years of traditional and digital media experience. Having collaborated with national, regional and local clients and agencies in numerous verticals and DMAs, she is passionate about understanding and growing businesses. She embraces the ever-changing landscape of digital/ multi-screen. In her current role she works with Viamedia’s PA Team to ensure that the architecture of digital campaigns align with client KPIs and adhere to Industry guidelines and best practices so they perform at a very high level. She also keeps clients and AEs apprised of emerging technologies and innovation in the digital/ multi-screen space.

Jill Wheeler is a lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley and a graduate of Albright College with a dual major in Business Management / Marketing with a minor in Psychology.

Jill started her career at RCN in roles ranging from corporate strategy and brand creation, to sales and marketing overseeing Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and New York City. As a result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Jill h helped drive the expansion of broadband into high-density markets including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. As a result, RCN was one of the first companies in the U.S. to provide communication bundling of cable, phone, and internet, a service that is well known of today.

Jill’s career also includes various roles at Stanley Vidmar, a manufacturer of industrial storage solutions and a division of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

As VP of Sales and Marketing at Stanley Vidmar, Jill led an initiative to rebrand the 40 year old industrial storage business, driving 10% increase in sales for the business. Based on the program’s success, Jill went to work with the division’s president to target business acquisition opportunities that would diversity the breath of the industrial offering. This lead to the acquisition of Stanley InnerSpace and birth of Stanley Storage. In this role, Jill also developed vertical marketing strategies and increased lead generation tactics.

Jill also developed successful business strategies throughout North American sales channels and implemented the launch of the company’s commercial business unit in Asia. Jill ran the Industrial Storage commercial business in North America and Asia where she led a team of vertical sales specialists and international sales force, created a streamlined product delivery system and implemented a company-wide CRM After Stanley Black and Decker Jill joined Klunk & Millan for as Vice President and General Manager and oversaw the daily operations of the agency, the development of integrated marketing strategies and the business development of new clients and revenue opportunities. Jill’s global business background and strategic marketing expertise help position the agency for continued growth and expansion.

Currently Jill is the General Sales Manager at Adams Outdoor of the Lehigh Valley, a company that is taking Outdoor Advertising to the next level. Jill manages a local sales team, sales support and award winning creative team in the Bethlehem office. Last September, Adams Outdoor acquired over 25 digital faces and continues to be the market leader in providing businesses the best choice in getting their message out in the Lehigh Valley Jill lives with her husband and 2 children in Bethlehem and takes great pride being part of an organization that values the Lehigh Valley as much as she does.

Bill Raven is the President and CEO of Raven One to One Marketing located in Allentown Pa.

Bill has worked in many capacities within the industry since 1981, including production, operations, sales, software and senior management. Throughout his career, Bill has continuously researched and implemented new technologies to expand the offerings of any companies he has worked for. Recently, Raven One to One Marketing introduced the installation of a variable data printing software, full-color digital printing, continuous form.

Bill serves as the Industry Co-chair for the Lehigh Valley Postal Customer Council (LVPCC). The LVPCC acts as the liaison between the Postal Service and its service providers and commercial users. He also holds a seat on the Artsquest Marketing Committee and is active in local business networking groups.

As a courtesy to local businesses, Bill offers free Direct Mail seminars to educate them on how to successfully use direct mail in their marketing mix.

In his free time, Bill enjoys golf, live music and spending time with his family.

Like you, Tony Giampietro is always looking for the most effective ways to get out your message in the most cost-effective way possible. Tony is an expert in Sales and Marketing who started his career in 1995 with Bell of PA. His roles included Media Consultant, Sales Trainer, Sales Manager and Sales Director. After spending 20 years with the organization, Tony left to pursue a career with NJ Advance Media, which owns lehighvalleylive.com/The Express-Times. Tony has a vast knowledge of all forms of Media, with an acute understanding of Digital Media including but not limited to: Behavioral Targeting, Social Media Targeting/Optimization, Search Engine Marketing/Optimization, YouTube Branding and Sponsored Content.

Whether he’s working with B2B or B2C clients, Tony has literally helped thousands of businesses increase revenues year over year, all while working within their budgets. As Tony always teaches his clients, the advertising landscape has changed quite a bit over the years. There have never been so many advertising choices than there are today.

The truth is, they all do work to some degree. The issue is most businesses don’t have unlimited funds to spend in order to figure out what works. Most struggle with how to allocate their funds to ensure the best possible return. Cost-per- acquisition is the best way to measure that. Many local business owners tell Tony that they are spending up to 2-3 days of their week just on effectively managing their advertising campaigns. In reality, it’s tough for most business owners to find that kind of time and most don’t have the expertise required to even know where to start.

What makes Tony unique is that he provides two very crucial services. He invests the time it takes to manage a successful campaign across the most effective advertising media, and he delivers real customers by making sure you are in all the right places when consumers/patients have the need for a business like yours. He specializes in delivering real customers in the most cost-effective way possible.

3:30 pm

“20 Minutes & A Beer” Presented by the AAF/Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club

Social Media Myths Debunked

Marcus Cudd

CEO of Searchworxx

Marcus is the President of SearchworxX, a digital marketing services agency in the Allentown. Founded in 2008, Marcus and his team had been innovators in data-driven digital marketing, helping clients and other agencies drive more intelligent campaigns and achieve ROI and value from them.

Prior to founding SearchworxX, Marcus spent 15 years in banking, the last three of which launching, managing and marketing a digital originations platform for a Philadelphia bank. This venture was the springboard to his own digital marketing firm.

Marcus’ business philosophy is that maximum value can be attained through testing and experience, and that each marketing problem has to be approached uniquely. Helping a client dig into their numbers, understand where growth can come from, and build marketing to those goals is a core principle. Strategy across channels is a cornerstone to their business process.

Marcus and his team have partnered with dozens of advertising agencies nationally to help them become more data-driven and analytical with their clients. Working across the spectrum of B2B and B2C, as well as Fortune 500 and international brands, the team at SearchworxX has been the leading edge of digital marketing innovation, execution, and consultation.

In addition to training agencies around the country, Marcus has presented at several national conferences about Digital Marketing, SEO, and Ecommerce.

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